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  • Examples of large
    1. That will mean that high street banks will no longer be as profitable, and it would pave the way for remutualisation of a large chunk of the banking sector.
    2. The type I wall contains a large amount of pectic polymers, such as rhamnogalacturonans and arabinogalactans, and xyloglucans.
    3. This method, as well as the inclusion of a large portion of patients with subocclusive lesions (>70-100 %), probably might explain why such a relative low number of patients displayed well-developed collateral arteries in this cohort.
    4. Indeed, when tested as a linear trend indexing transdiagnostic psychosis liability from controls to BPD to FEP, the association was large and significant.
    5. What I found turned out to be one of the best beer-drinking destinations I’d visited in Europe, a friendly and undertouristed city of about 750,000 inhabitants — large enough to be interesting, though still walkable.
    6. The relaxation of the Higgs field from its large postinflationary value to the minimum of the effective potential represents an important stage in the evolution of the universe.
    7. Large office blocks and shopping streets are being put up with not even an awning to protect the head of the shop-goer from the sweltering Persian sun.
  • Examples of larges
    1. One small coffee and two larges, please.
    2. When the pseudogenome is small (up to 300 Mbases) we cache the answers for all k ≤ 10, and for larges pseudogenomes for all k ≤ 11.
  • Examples of larger
    1. “What usually happens is someone comes in for endovenous treatments for larger veins and a lot of times they’ll say, ‘While you’re at it, take a look at these smaller veins and let me know if you can do anything about them,’ ” Dr. Zelickson said.
    2. He was injured in a head-on with a larger vehicle.
    3. The increased bulk can be traced to a sturdier hydroformed frame, larger axles, heavy-duty brakes and the upgrading of its powerplant to a massive 5.7-liter V-8 truck engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission.
    4. With the pound at a multidecade low and British banks requiring ever-larger injections of taxpayer cash, it is no wonder that observers have started to refer to London as “Reykjavik-on-Thames.”
    5. From my vantage point in one of four bleacher sections, the dancers tearing across the larger stage in the distance evoked images of brightly plumaged birds.
    6. Perhaps it's no coincidence that, just as there's a rap gap, the gap between the black middle class and the one-third of the black community classified as poor is larger now than ever before in African-Americans' postslavery history.
    7. About one-half the body has been mined by underhanding into mill holes; but with the adoption of the water drill, shrinkage stoping is being largely used and the larger stopes are mined as at Levack.
    8. [ … ] the sheet conductance of the nanowires is two orders of magnitude larger than for unpatterned interfaces.
    9. For example, I did not follow a Ximenean rule that a member of a larger class cannot be used to define the class itself (one poster brought this up).
    10. There are far larger budget fights looming, dollarwise.
  • Examples of largest
    1. The Catholic Church is the world's second largest religious body after Sunni Islam.
    2. São Paulo is one of the largest cities in South America. ‎
    3. The problem of finding the largest clique in an arbitrary graph is NP-complete.
    4. The world's largest surveyor of deepwater oil fields won a contract to conduct a survey of the French Gulf of Lion to map sand reserves.
    5. Minutes away from downtown Cambridge, the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, a 27,000-acre expanse of sibilant cordgrass and murky channels, has one of the largest concentrations of nesting bald eagles along the Atlantic coast.
    6. She now works ... for one of the largest of the many cybersecurity firms seeking to neutralize attacks on corporations from China and other countries, as well as criminal groups and hackers.
    7. Brazil's largest trader of sugar and ethanol declared force majeure to some third party exporters of sugar with contracts to ship through its Santos Port terminal that burned down on Friday, sources in the sugar trade said.
    8. They pass through Walsall and on to neighbouring Aldridge where they visit a former foundry that was recently converted - "recycled", according to its owners - into the country's largest "materials recovery facility"(MRF, pronounced "merf").

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