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  • Examples of large
    1. Large and square-headed, fatuously complacent, pot-bellied, spade-handed and dumpy-footed, for all the world presenting the appearance of animated jelly.
    2. We took advantage of our large amount of data and on machine learning to set-up a fast webtool combining all existing taxonomies including the newly proposed consensual “expert” one.
    3. This provides an alternative mechanism for the documented large-scale river captures in the east-Tibetan drainage [69 ], previously suggested to be a record of a late uplift event [26 ] perhaps related to subcrustal processes and dated as Miocene or later.
    4. The bone involvement is complex with narrow thorax, broad ribs, platyspondyly, hypoplastic idiopathic branches, small obturator foramen, bilateral coxa valga, large medullary canals and generalized osteopenia.
    5. Janensch considered Elachistosuchus a pseudosuchian archosaur and diagnosed it by small body size, the lack of a specialized body plan, and the presence of a large posttemporal fenestra and an alleged antorbital fenestra.
    6. Previous reports on unilateral LR recession commonly show extremely low rates of initial overcorrection and large exodrifts after surgery suggesting that the surgical dose may be increased.
    7. In infected placentas from patients with IUGR, significant increase in the number of large fibrinoids with avascular villi, edema, and inflammation were observed [7 ].
    8. Given the example of sponges, macropredators are capable to consume large amounts of sponge biomass in short time periods and are fast moving animals that do not spend much time at one prey individual.
    9. For example, Chironex fleckeri has a relatively large body and a higher ratio of mastigophores (the longest of the penetrant cnidae) correlating to the large organisms which they prey upon [ 41 ].
  • Examples of larges
    1. One small coffee and two larges, please.
    2. When the pseudogenome is small (up to 300 Mbases) we cache the answers for all k ≤ 10, and for larges pseudogenomes for all k ≤ 11.
  • Examples of larger
    1. He was injured in a head-on with a larger vehicle.
    2. The increased bulk can be traced to a sturdier hydroformed frame, larger axles, heavy-duty brakes and the upgrading of its powerplant to a massive 5.7-liter V-8 truck engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission.
    3. With the pound at a multidecade low and British banks requiring ever-larger injections of taxpayer cash, it is no wonder that observers have started to refer to London as “Reykjavik-on-Thames.”
    4. From my vantage point in one of four bleacher sections, the dancers tearing across the larger stage in the distance evoked images of brightly plumaged birds.
    5. Perhaps it's no coincidence that, just as there's a rap gap, the gap between the black middle class and the one-third of the black community classified as poor is larger now than ever before in African-Americans' postslavery history.
    6. About one-half the body has been mined by underhanding into mill holes; but with the adoption of the water drill, shrinkage stoping is being largely used and the larger stopes are mined as at Levack.
    7. [ … ] the sheet conductance of the nanowires is two orders of magnitude larger than for unpatterned interfaces.
    8. For example, I did not follow a Ximenean rule that a member of a larger class cannot be used to define the class itself (one poster brought this up).
    9. There are far larger budget fights looming, dollarwise.
    10. Pack a larger-than-normal hypochondria kit that includes sunscreen, plastic bandages and allergy pills. Such things are hard to find or hideously expensive.
  • Examples of largest
    1. In a major sweep last fall, federal officials also took down Silk Road — the largest darknet market at the time — as well as hundreds of other websites and services operating on the Tor network.
    2. Furthermore, the largest lobule is HVII, which is further subdivided into HVIIa (Crus I and Crus II) and HVIIb. Similarly, lobule HVIII is divided into two parts, separated by the intrabiventer fissure [27 ].
    3. China, now the fifth largest wine producer in the world, has an expanded section of its own as well as separate new entries on the longyan and cabernet gernischt grape varieties and its oldest and largest wine producer, Changyu.
    4. A comparison of the mimosoid nodulating strains reveals that UYPR1.413 has the largest genome (10.4 Mbp), with the highest KOG count (1670) and the lowest GC (65.28 %) percentage in this group.
    5. After completing the largest of the simplification projects—the multicover policy—the task force advised the company on overall policy for about another year.
    6. A similar challenge is now facing many of world’s largest noncomputing technology companies.

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