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EN[lɑːdʒ] [lɑɹdʒ] [-ɑː(ɹ)dʒ]

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  • Examples of large
    1. Some cannot stop themselves from embellishments — pecans, chocolate shavings, drizzles of caramel — and others feel compelled to place large chunks of unsliced bananas in their pies, forcing the involvement of a butter knife.
    2. There shall also be a large box for the reception of the unvoted ballots.
    3. He was expecting a large inheritance from a well-off aunt.
    4. It is a very woodland country, with plenty of grass, but it is too large for four days a-week, and the sport is generally rather indifferent.
    5. A large meteorite impact would cause worldwide extinction of life.
    6. Though I think that the closest I came to actually wearing felt was a yurtlike bathrobe with large red, cut-out and flocked tomatoes on its enormous pockets — a Christmas gift from my mother at the onset of my adolescence.
    7. “The whole situation is magnificent news, especially when the problem has been zippo investment by large corporations in Africa,” says Robert H. Bates [ … ] .
    8. Living, as they did, in what appeared to me impenetrable darkness, their eyes were abnormally large and sensitive.
    9. They were waiting for me in the drawing-room, which is a very large room, stretching along the entire front of the house, with three long windows reaching down to the floor
  • Examples of larges
    1. One small coffee and two larges, please.
    2. When the pseudogenome is small (up to 300 Mbases) we cache the answers for all k ≤ 10, and for larges pseudogenomes for all k ≤ 11.
  • Examples of larger
    1. Males castrated at birth are smaller (Field et al., 1997a ), and females ovariectomized at birth are larger than their intact male and female counterparts (Field et al., 2004 ).
    2. The capacity of the Neanderthal skull was 10% larger than that of modern humans.
    3. If you are sustainably harvesting, you should be able to sustain the income that comes from harvesting instead of getting a larger cash grab now, and then forgoing future income.
    4. Abi Stafford danced the lead in “Symphony in Three Movements” with more understanding and sheer dancerliness than I have seen her show before, but the role remains larger than anything she brings to it.
    5. Dinghies are designed to be sailed single-handedly or double-handedly, but some larger cruising dinghies may have room for four or more people on board.
    6. Classrooms became larger, but the egg crate design was maintained.
    7. Despite these previous positive findings [23 , 24 , 36 ], a recent study reported that larger current densities are found in deeper regions for extracephalic montage when compared to cephalic placement [53 ].
    8. The much larger R values for ANOSIM between 2011 and pre-tsunami years (2005 to 2008) suggest that tsunami-induced changes in macrozoobenthic community structure were extraordinal.
  • Examples of largest
    1. The science world was left in shock when workers at the world's largest physics lab announced they had recorded subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light – a feat that Einstein said was impossible.
    2. No one has more invested in cluster munitions than the United States, which Human Rights Watch says has been the largest producer, stockpiler and user, using them in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
    3. New York City's largest hospital has agreed to retrain some unionized employees whose jobs were to be eliminated under an austerity drive, the hospital and its largest labor union said yesterday.
    4. Iceland's foreign currency market has seized up after the three largest banks collapsed.
    5. Paris is by far the largest city in France.
    6. The internet is simply the largest network of networks we know of.
    7. Bergen, in Hordaland county, is Norway's second-largest city. ‎
    8. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in central London, England.
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