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    1. At first light, around the time that the body of the kagan — a body that had already begun to manifest decidedly uncorpselike signs of movement — was being carried by an ill-assorted trio into a springhouse near a little-used gate of the Palace through which corpses and those who tended to them traditionally passed, the watch posted atop Qizl caught sight of a scattering of black seeds against the flickering gray of the southern horizon.
    2. For two days and nights, since rumors first stole across the bridge with whispers of 500 rebel Arsiyah put to death in the yard of the Qomr, the fugitive partners had been trapped by riot and counterriot with 15 whores, male and female, among them Hanukkah’s beloved Sarah; the procuress Celestial Hind, supposedly a bastard half-sister of the kagan; a cat; a weasel; and an ill-tempered macaque called Fortunatus, a name that delighted Amram, being “Zelikman” put into Latin.

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