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    1. With its thrillerlike pacing and scenes of sexual coercion and teenage backbiting, the novel appeals to young readers, who say the book also gives them insight into peers who might consider suicide.
    2. It would be an interesting inquiry, how far the philosophers have left in their writings traces of their mental habits, as visile, motile, etc., or only verbile, mistaking the custom of language for insight.
    3. I am indebted to Markey’s staff for this insight into phrasal formation, but in the language mavenhood, you do not pay “cash for coinage.”
    4. infield, infighting, insight, inwork
    5. Sizing the acetabulum on an orthogonal lateral view of the acetabulum will provide additional insight on sizing, particularly in the nonhemispheric acetabulae.
    6. Among other information, cytogeographic data can give insight into the rate of polyploid formation, ecological differentiation of cytotypes and/or the frequency of their reproductive interactions [ …]
    7. Subsequently turning the new insight into action—embodying the idea, producing the revolutionary behavior—requires tough-mindedness, the willingness to try out behavior and allow his or her ideas to die in his or her stead...
    8. The key insight that enables Weaver to combine strict serializability with horizontal scalability and high performance is a novel request ordering mechanism called refinable timestamps.
  • Examples of insights
    1.  Slim enough to fit into a jacket pocket, it surveys 22 of Balanchine’s most popular ballets; it’s good-humored, enthusiastic and undictatorial; it gives you numerous things to look out for in any performance; and it abounds with insights.
    2. Big data extracts new insights for your business.
    3. The “marriage of the two Toms” (ibid. p. 192) then consists in recognising the difficulties Kuhn’s insights pose for the pure model of Bayesian conditionalisation and its augmentation.
    4. His cast and Ms. Romero offered advice and insights on everything from the kind of coat that a central character would wear to the staging of the juba, an African dance at the end of Act I.
    5. Robert Fisher, the interim chief executive, said that “when Glenn met with the board, we were immediately impressed with his insights into leading and reenergizing retail brands and we knew we had found our next leader.”
    6. We find that the network-based measures such as PageRank centrality and community coreness measure can give valuable insights into identifying the key industries.
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