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  • Examples of innocent
    1. [ …] and that no mortal man can be so innocent as to feel any infliction wholly unmerited and disproportioned [ …]
    2. an evil plot to kill innocent people
    3. We speculated upon the astonishment that would have seized upon their simple, innocent hearts, had they beheld, instead of us, a bevy of our city fashionables in full bloom.
    4. The village’s simple-minded boy, “a pure and innocent creature closer to the Lord than the saints,” is mowed down by goonlike American soldiers, one of them literally foaming at the mouth.
    5. an innocent medicine or remedy
    6. an innocent trade
    7. innocent goods carried to a belligerent nation
    8. He was labeled as a racist for his otherwise innocent remark.
  • Examples of innocents
    1. The slaughter of the innocents was a significant event in the New Testament.
    2. One answer lies in a less well-known but equally important countertradition, the dyslogistic school of memoir written by former officials who present themselves as disillusioned innocents.
    3. Chase and Pleasant may have been innocents, but they were smarter than the doomsters who predicted that Chase would lose her fortune, for their New York company, the Ballet Theatre (later the American Ballet Theatre), got off to a phenomenally successful start.
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