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  • Examples of innocent
    1. He was labeled as a racist for his otherwise innocent remark.
    2. He was labelled as a racist for his otherwise innocent remark.
    3. 'He is not innocent, whom the kinge iudgeth nocent' (Edwards, Damon and Pythias, 1571)
    4. The postexecution DNA test showed he was innocent.
    5. Then he was gay as a lark carolling from its skiey tower, soaring in thought as an eagle, innocent as the mild-eyed dove.
    6. After the burly macho nudists' polar bear dip, their tails were spectacularly shrunk, so they looked like an immature kid's innocent tail.
    7. Valjean was in the unenviable position of either living with the knowledge an innocent would suffer for his crime or reveal his true identity and go back to prison.
    8. the unjustified killing of an innocent
    9. They had not reached the point of differentiating divorces, but classed them indistinctively as disgraceful incidents, in which the woman was always to blame, but the man, though her innocent victim, was yet inevitably contaminated.
  • Examples of innocents
    1. The slaughter of the innocents was a significant event in the New Testament.
    2. One answer lies in a less well-known but equally important countertradition, the dyslogistic school of memoir written by former officials who present themselves as disillusioned innocents.
    3. Chase and Pleasant may have been innocents, but they were smarter than the doomsters who predicted that Chase would lose her fortune, for their New York company, the Ballet Theatre (later the American Ballet Theatre), got off to a phenomenally successful start.
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