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    1. Slight anisochromasia is normal due to the biconcave shape of erythrocytes, but if excessive, it may indicate iron deficiency.
    2. His spacious quarters indicate his transition from backbench upstart to established member of the governing team.
    3. Frequency distributions of some of the variables indicate the existence of bimodalities.
    4. The copier gave a chime to indicate that it had finished printing.
    5. The microwave chimed to indicate that it was done cooking.
    6. "Above all though, our poll seems to indicate one thing - in 2009 classic rock still rules."
    7. He used a yellow highlighter to indicate where to give emphasis in his speech.
    8. The documents indicate that Dr. Murray tried to revive Mr. Jackson with flumazenil, which reverses the effects of benzodiazepines like lorazepam.
    9. Recent studies indicate that queenless societies can have either one or several gamergates per colony, which reveals that reproductive inhibition can occur despite the absence of the queen caste.
    10. The computer showed an hourglass mouse cursor to indicate that it was too busy to process user input.
  • Examples of indicates
    1. Given the power under a certain significance level, we can also calculate the noncentrality parameter τ 2 , which indicates the amount of difference that a test could detect.
    2. Live cell imaging indicates Src1 could have roles during mitotic exit as it preferentially locates to the NE abscission points during nucleokinesis and to the NE surrounding forming daughter G1 nuclei.
    3. The evidence presented in this report indicates that the primary target of the Rsb phosphoregulatory network in Chlamydia trachomatis is σ 66 , the main ‘housekeeping’ sigma factor of the pathogen.
    4. The polydispersivity of the samples, which was lower than 25%, indicates that Sfβgly-N and Sfβgly-C were homogeneous throughout the incubation period.
    5. The presence of a slight precingulid indicates the probable presence of a small paraconid.
    6. Conflicting data has shown antitumorigenic or protumorigenic functions on macrophages in particular, however our data indicates macrophages play a protumorigenic role in GC patients.
    7. Based on these p-values, a final score in each subchallenge is calculated as follows: (17) Note that a larger score indicates a greater statistical significance of the adopted reconstruction algorithm for the network prediction.
    8. In the first case (c1), a ray hits the surface pocket before reaching the ligand: this indicates underpacking in the protein-ligand interface.
  • Examples of indicated
    1. a , COS-7 cells were transfected with expression plasmids directing the expression of each of the indicated PrP deletion mutants (green, octapeptide repeats; red, globular domain; SS, signal sequence).
    2. If they discern any evidences of wrong-going in any direction that I have indicated, they will acknowledge that I had reason in what I wrote. If they discern no such thing, they will consider me altogether mistaken.
    3. That Euripides' taste ran often to such gruesomenesses is indicated by the plots of some of his lost tragedies.
    4. Several mutagenesis studies also indicated that introduction of Arg residues into the Ser/Thr surface improved the alkalophilicity of xylanases [14 ,34 ].
    5. This result indicated ADSCs are alive after bioencapsulation but a possible cell loss might happen in a longer in vitro cell culture.
    6. Further, nodes from occipital regions in the anatomical network, indicated by the blue circles (including calcarina, cuneus, precuneus, …), are distantly located from the group of frontal brain areas indicated by the red marks.
    7. The overlapped ends of the contigs generated in different genome assembly efforts indicated that the mitochondrion genome was either circular or concatemeric.
    8. Probably, these results indicated a high level of similarities and conserveness of the L rohita gene content with Danio rerio and Cyprinus carpio than with Salmo salar and Ictalurus punctatus.
    9. Immunoprecipitation then indicated that cotranslation resulted in stable complex formation of Kox1/TIF1B and Kox1KL/TIF1B (Fig. 18.2A, lane 4 and Fig. 18.2B, lane 11).
  • Examples of indicating
    1. Profiling of T cell receptor (TCR) variable gene usage and size distribution of the infiltrating cells revealed marked skewing of the TCR repertoire indicating oligoclonality, but relatively normal distributions in the blood.
    2. Predominance of RUNX2 and SOX9 co-expression was observed mainly in control media in both surfaces (TCP and BCP), as well as on BCP in OS medium, indicating osteochondrogenic differentiation.
    3. However, silicone rubber casts from the bottom of the mould reveal lateral connections between the septa indicating a parathecal wall (Fig 5A and 5B).
    4. Inactivation of the prolipoprotein diacylglycerol transferase (lgt) in ΔbgsA abrogated TNF-α induction by a ΔbgsA_lgt double mutant indicating that lipoproteins mediate increased activation of mouse macrophages by ΔbgsA.
    5. In contrast, cytospots stained for Tie2 that is restrictedly expressed by endothelial cells showed no fluorescence indicating that there was no contamination with endothelial cells (Fig 3C and 3D).

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