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    1. As might be expected, characters of the aspides themselves are not of much value in pollen identification, but they are easily recognized and many three-pored, aspidate grains are broadly categorized as "betuloid" in studies of airborne pollen.
    2. [...] apparently indicating the degree to which his identification with black music predicates his capitalization on it [...]
    3. Early genetic studies focused on the identification and chromosomal localization of genes that control readily observable characteristics, such as the eye color of Drosophila.
    4. Make sure your dog has a collar holding an identification tag. ‎
    5. Most pharmacopoeial monographs of medicinal plants include TLC as method for identification based on a chromatographic fingerprint, which consists of a sequence of characteristic substance zones.
    6. Much education and experience is required for proper identification of bird species
    7. information necessary to make a good identification
    8. The authorities asked for his identification
    9. The identification division gives the name of the program, its author, the date the program was written and other information that other users may find helpful in understanding or maintaining the program.
    10. The identification division is used to establish the identification of the program and its author.
  • Examples of identifications
    1. Probably, most of us are Haecceitists with respect to most things through time, but the very inaccessibility of other possible worlds seems to have produced a goodly number of Anti-Haecceitists with respect to trans-world identifications. Even when their quantified modal logics look Haecceitistic, their pre-systematic remarks may explain the so-called identities as a manner of speaking.
    2. Our results reveal important differences in the accuracy of the taxonomic identifications carried out by different ichthyoplanktologists following morphology-based methods.
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