EN[ˈhʌntɪŋ] [-ʌntɪŋ]

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  • Examples of hunting
    1. Altricial young are typical among carnivores, which might be expected to be hampered in their hunting behaviour if the pregnant mother has to carry its young for a long period.
    2. Armed with binoculars and wearing a bucket hat covered with antiban buttons — “Keep fighting, Keep hunting,” read one — she knew the best vantage points.
    3. If you go hunting and want to bring something back to eat, you have to be in for the kill.
    4. It would continue to allow certain traditional, nonmotorized uses, like hunting, fishing and rafting.
    5. Even in an era when individuality in dress is a cult, his clothes were noticeable. He was wearing a hard hat of the low round kind favoured by hunting men, and with it a black duffle-coat lined with white.
    6. Vermont will open elk hunting season next week. ‎
    7. When we set out to produce the site full time, everything we did went on the site, but the reporting for the site hasn't changed. I don't think it ever will. It's basic shoe leather reporting, hunting down sources and documents and confirming authenticity.

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