EN[hʌnt] [-ʌnt]

    Examples of hunt in a Sentence

  • Examples of hunt
    1. I managed to hunt down a copy of the magazine. ‎
    2. Owls usually hunt at night.
    3. Herons hunt by stealth, and the bittern may be the stealthiest of the lot.
    4. yep - i bet he was acting like a complete `rex hunt' before he got smashed.
  • Examples of hunts
    1. He hunts the woods, or the country.
  • Examples of hunted
    1. The hatchling alligator had just broken out of its shell but was already trying to follow its mother, who hunted hatchling birds.
    2. He was hunted from the parish.
    3. The hunter becomes the hunted.
    4. Then we hunted up a place close by to hide the canoe in, amongst the thick willows. We took some fish off of the lines and set them again, and begun to get ready for dinner.
    5. Truffles, maitake, matsutake, king boletes, shiitake and dozens of other edible types are hunted commercially around the planet.
    6. The taste of clean killed, still hunted animals far exceeds that of either gut shot deer or those run by dogs.
  • Examples of hunting
    1. Police are hunting the people who carried out the shootings last week.
    2. The politician sidetracked the reporter with a story about duck hunting instead of a direct response to the question that was asked.
    3. hunting that whale takes most of his free time ‎; his collection takes a lot of space ‎
    4. Chiding himself for his incessant shopping, he explained that the playful Greek hunting scene that hangs above his mantel was unearthed during one of his frequent thrifting trips to upstate New York.
    5. On the eve of her 83rd birthday, Laura Flood looks forward to teaching her granddaughter Angel Larkman the finer points of running a trapline or hunting moose in the Temiskaming bush.
    6. For me, it isn't so much about the actual hunting as much as the woodsmanship and skills that come into play at every stage of a hunt.
    7. We killed off the Dodo by over-hunting.
    8. Gamekeepers oversee a hunting ground to see to the wildlife's welfare and look for poachers.
    9. I wackyparsed "bear hunting" as "beer hunting".
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