Examples of haunted in a Sentence

  • Examples of haunted
    1. Lisette can't wait to create a haunted house on Halloween night.
    2. the chapel is haunted by a demonic poltergeist.
    3. Too long have I been haunted by that shade. ‎
    4. Her sleepless nights there were haunted by the collective grumble of her sheltermates [ … ] .
    5. A specter haunted the cemetery at the old Vasquez manor.
    6. The building was haunted by a couple of spooks.
    7. In the sentence "That house seems haunted!", 'that house' is the subject and 'haunted' is the subject complement (in this case an adjective).
    8. The haunted house was horrifying, from one room to the next I felt more and more like I wasn’t going to survive.
    9. Staying in the haunted house gave me the willies.

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