EN[hɔːnt] [-ɔːnt] [hɑːnt] [-ɑːnt] [hænt] [-ænt]

    Examples of haunt in a Sentence

  • Examples of haunt
    1. The memorious glare she gave me when I said that will haunt me for years.
    2. A spectral spirit returns from its grave to haunt the house.
    3. His unsavory reputation as a mobster came back to haunt him when he ran for mayor of New York.
    4. David and Deena Fishman in the Palm Courtyard of their winterlong vacation haunt, the Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla.
    5. A couple of ghosts haunt the old, burnt-down house.
    6. The petty misdeeds of his youth came back to haunt him when he ran for political office and his character was smeared.
  • Examples of haunts
    1. The demon of stupidity haunts me whenever I open my mouth.
    2. There is an agony of suffering in that lingering doubt which haunts the human soul in the beginnings of disbelief.
    3. LETTERCOL - A letter column. One of the favorite haunts of the actifans.
    4. I know her and her haunts, Her lays, leaps, and outlays, and will discover all. ― Francis Beaumont.
    5. a poltergeist haunts the house by moving objects around the house, make chain-rattling noises and throwing items.
    6. A wandering spirit haunts the island.
  • Examples of haunted
    1. The memory of his past failures haunted him.
    2. The policeman haunted him, following him everywhere.
    3. Everyone discovered a haunted house and they are terrified that items flew off tables.
    4. Lisette can't wait to create a haunted house on Halloween night.
    5. the chapel is haunted by a demonic poltergeist.
    6. Too long have I been haunted by that shade. ‎
    7. Her sleepless nights there were haunted by the collective grumble of her sheltermates [ … ] .
    8. A specter haunted the cemetery at the old Vasquez manor.
    9. The building was haunted by a couple of spooks.
    10. In the sentence "That house seems haunted!", 'that house' is the subject and 'haunted' is the subject complement (in this case an adjective).
  • Examples of haunting
    1. In the course of investigating the haunting, I interviewed several percipients.
    2. She has written a fierce, haunting book about exile and loss and family love, and how that love can survive distance and separation, loss and abandonment and somehow endure, undented and robust.
    3. Numerous as shadows haunting fairily the brain — Keats.
    4. He had a haunting gaze.
    5. During the haunting, strange voices and noises were heard and objects flew off tables.
    6. A ghost was haunting the house.
    7. The howling of wolves is haunting at night.
    8. On “Seven by Seven” it was the reedy blend of two melodicas, played by Mr. Apfelbaum and Mr. Valera over a haunting drone.
    9. The women of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, seated in the rows where the first violins are typically located, contributed an array of haunting vocal sounds: hushed hums, sustained high tones, sputterings and more.
    10. And in “Central Park in the Dark” and her haunting response to “The Unanswered Question,” Sokolow evokes more small-town anomie in spare shifts of ranks, topplings and rises.
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