EN[ˈhæpi] [-æpi]

    Examples of happy in a Sentence

  • Examples of happy
    1. Happy bday!
    2. And I went up into the spare chamber, and sort o' fixed Philury's things to the best advantage; for I knew the neighbors would be in to look at 'em. And I was a standin' there as calm and happy as the buro or table, ...
    3. I'd be happy to play center field on this proposal. I can cover a lot of ground.
    4. Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah! Merry HanuKwanzMas! (Whew... that covers everyone, right?)
    5. I thought I would never be able to cope with life after the amputation, but I have learned how to be happy again.
    6. Anastasio Somoza says, 'I think I will throw a one-thousand cordoba bill overboard and make one Nicaraguan citizen very happy.'
    7. This leads to a counterquestion — why can’t M.L.B. be happy to initiate its channel with a combined guaranteed 30 million subscribers?
  • Examples of happier
    1. My sense of humor is just as black as before. I still listen to the same depressoid music. Yet I'm much happier, and I'm open in ways that would have terrified me only a few years ago.
    2. The editor agreed to keep a lid on a potentially distastrous political scoop in exchange for an exclusive of a happier nature
    3. No swellings tell that winds may be Upon some far-off happier sea-- No heavings hint that winds have been On seas less hideously serene."
    4. This was during Kerik’s happier, preindictment era.
    5. The most uninformed mind, with a healthy body, is happier than the wisest valetudinarian. -- Thomas Jefferson, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (1904), p. 168.
    6. He came to SF literature a confirmed technophile, and nothing made him happier than to read a manuscript thick with imaginary gizmos and whatzits. ‎
  • Examples of happiest
    1. It will be proved that a Solarian, supposing him to have a stature equal to our own, would do as much work as seven of our cultivators; and yet the Solarians are the happiest of beings; their lot is the highest degree of happiness to which we can aspire until the epoch when there shall exist stars of a more exalted rank, that are not yet to be found in our young universe.
    2. I’m happiest when I’m working. ‎
    3. “I should explain that among the books that recently arrived at the office was a slim volume from his pen dealing with the Preparatory School and giving it an enthusiastic build-up. The formative years which we spent there, he said, were the happiest of our life.” “Gadzooks!”
    4. On the contrary, taken as a whole, they form the oiliest, fattest, drollest, noisiest, sleekest, dirtiest, ignorantest, prejudicedest, narrow-mindedest, shirtlessest, clotheslessest, idlest, carelessest, jolliest, absurdest, rascaliest--but still, all that, perhaps--taken all in all--the happiest community on the face of the earth. ]
  • Examples of more happy
    1. The more money donated, the more books purchased, and the more happy children.
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