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  • Examples of group
    1. EndNote also has a well-established discussion group on a listserver maintained by the company.
    2. The youth group will have their annual lock-in this weekend.
    3. The raid failed when the lookout noticed the enemy group.
    4. Next time, let's ask a group with a different mix up.
    5. The people I met at the support group were a mixed bag: some were grouchy pessimists, and others were cheery do-gooders.
    6. The Moonies and the Dragonballers aren't minorities; they're as large or larger than any other group of animeniacs you're going to find.
  • Examples of groups
    1. According to Whitlon et al. 2007 they were classified into following groups: monopolar, bipolar, multipolar, pseudomonopolar and no neurites [50 ].
    2. While repeated use of individuals and groups introduces psudeoreplication into our data, the scarcity of data and the novelty of this research topic make all samples of interest.
    3. Nevertheless, few studies found that retweetability is positively associated with the number of followers, number of followees, the age of the account, and those users belonging to several groups who act as brokers.
    4. Various groups have also shown by sphingolipidomic analysis that several phytoceramide subspecies increased in wild type cells after hydroxyurea treatment.
    5. We conclude that although honey bees are considered to be supergeneralists in their foraging choices, there are certain key species or plant groups that are particularly important in the honey bees environment.
    6. The preservation of the thecamoebians is like other organic-based microfossil groups, where agglutinated test have a better preservation potential than more fragile autogenous test [46 ].
    7. Furthermore, our findings cannot be generalized to unreferred patients or to ethnic groups other than Caucasians.
  • Examples of grouped
    1. The tricolpates are grouped into two clades.
    2. 1904: The three glasses were grouped together, all of them tinged with wine, and one of them containing some dregs of beeswing. — Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Adventure of the Abbey Grange’ (Norton 2005, p.1170)
    3. [ … ] grouped by subtheme, they are easier to skim than the 12 sites that fill the entire first page of Google’s search results.
    4. ROS can be grouped into oxygen-centered radicals: hydroxyl radical (·OH), peroxyl radical (ROO·), alkoxyl radical (RO·), superoxide anion (·O 2 –) and oxygen-centered non-radicals: singlet oxygen ( 1 O 2 ) and hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) [ 3 ].
    5. On each side of spatula 3 asetose lateral papillae grouped together, and one asetose ventral papilla somewhat farther away.
    6. It is interesting to note that genes belonging to the biosynthesis gene cluster of the secondary metabolite pseurotin A [36 ] (grouped in the ID 01.20) were specifically induced by caspofungin (Fig 2F and 2G ).
    7. In MEROPS, MA clan members are grouped into the MA(E) and MA(M) subclans, commonly termed as gluzincins and metzincins, respectively.
    8. In this study, carriage isolates were grouped using a combination of serogrouping and genogrouping approaches to characterize the disease associated serogroups (ABCWY).
  • Examples of grouping
    1. There is a Pompeiian fresco with a spintrian grouping of three, composed of a heterosexual couple similar to that in scenes 7-15 (see n.48, above) with the addition of a male-male joining; see Maulucci Vivolo, Pompei i graffiti, 118.
    2. The east side facade is of rubble, studded with small windows and mannered details, while the harled rear (south) wall forms, as completed, a towering, roughly symmetrical grouping.
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