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EN[ɡɜːl] [ɡɝl] [-ɜː(ɹ)l]

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  • Examples of girl
    1. "Oh, you mean the ex-legger the eldest girl picked up and went and married." - "The Big Sleep", by Raymond Chandler
    2. Laurie tells him to stop being such a little girl and do something bad for once.
    3. "I'm okay. I think I'm going to break for lunch soon, too. Have to use the little girl's room." "There's a John on the second floor. Just get the key from Lorna. Tell her I said it was okay."
    4. When I'm ridin' round the world / And I'm doin' this and I'm signin' that / And I'm tryin' to make some girl, who tells me / Baby, better come back, maybe next week / 'Cause you see I'm on a losing streak
    5. He always had a girl on his arm - he's a bit of a babe-magnet.
    6. He's such a mama's boy that he can't even ask a girl out for a date without his mother's approval.
    7. This particular manifestation resembled a young girl crying.
    8. I was really struck by how many of the bishoujo cliches it managed to bring up. We already have the older sister, younger sister, childhood friend, and exotic transfer student. We have a genki girl, a ditzy girl, a hime-sama, and a meido.
  • Examples of girls
    1. The girls were skipping in the playground.
    2. That Joan's ex-boyfriend turned up to the school dance with Mary was a slap in the face for Joan, and now the girls are no longer best friends.
    3. I'm not a slut either. I make fun of Surrey girls heheehe it's fun. I live kinda near guildford mall so I walk up there and laugh at them hehehe
    4. "Singing is the oldest, most effective and productive way to tackle girls," asserted the 37-year old, affectionately known as Ah Guan at Tan Chang Ren Music Station.
    5. i definitely want to try FiGi one night, but their parties start @ 2am, and its[sic] such a taco fest bc they only let girls in and you have to be like HOT bc the guys are fucking gorgeous.
    6. While some experts say these girls likely have body image issues or could develop a more serious eating disorder, wannarexics usually range between healthy and overweight.
    7. The rock musician worked the crowd of young girls into a frenzy. ‎
    8. The girls had to clinging on so they didn't let go of my hands.
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