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EN[ɡɜːl] [ɡɝl] [-ɜː(ɹ)l]

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  • Examples of girl
    1. The preference of a boy to a girl is a usual occurrence in some parts of China.
    2. Another girl in a vintagey red polka-dot dress revealed a striking depth of cleavage, but a lumpy zip-up sweatshirt layered on top announced, in some generic way, that she couldn’t care less, a crucial component of Upper West Side high schooler style.
    3. 1860, anonymous, Heroes and Hunters of the West[1], HTML edition, The Gutenberg Project, published 2008 : … for scarcely had they descended one hundred feet, when a low “whist” from the girl, warned them of present danger.
    4. Bernadette was a small wiry girl with a lot of long witchy black hair, and on the first day of school she wore only one sock.
    5. That girl at the strip club gave me wood. ‎
    6. The girl walked past buffly.
    7. "You know, Kaspar," said he, in conclusion, to the excited Almayer, "it is deucedly awkward to have a half-caste girl in the house.
    8. That girl is fabulously beautiful.
    9. He was head over heels in love with the girl next door.
    10. Like Cinderella, the girl in rags being swept off her feet by a handsome Prince Charming.
  • Examples of girls
    1. I get to know some other girls while waiting to use the bogs.
    2. To complicate matters, father and sons changed their names to 'Bigg-Wither', while the girls strong-mindedly kept to their simple original 'Bigg'.
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