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EN[fɜː(ɹ)] [fɜ̝ː] [fɝ] [-ɜː(r)]

    Examples of fur in a Sentence

  • Examples of fur
    1. Watch the mother gorilla nitpick the baby’s fur clean.
    2. The cat bit the dog with the shaggy fur’s tail and ran. (the dog with the shaggy fur + ’s)
    3. This wasn’t an albino but an erythristic badger, lacking black pigment in its fur through a genetic mutation.
    4. Outside Russia, the Cossacks tend to be viewed as cartoonish anachronisms, with their whips, papakha fur hats and horses.
  • Examples of furs
    1. The factor of the trading post bought the furs. ‎
    2. Luxury did not spoil her; and any one that saw her in the soft furs of her winter wrappings, would have said that delicate cheek and frame were never made to know the unkindliness of harsher things.
    3. The burghers go in velvets and furs, but they have not learned to leap free-handed to horse nor to aim with the lance at the four nailes of the shield, nor yet to ride a buhurd, therefore they need a duke who protects them, and that am I.
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