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EN[ˈflaʊ.ə] [ˈflaʊ.ɚ] [-aʊ.ə(r)] [-aʊə(r)] [ˈfləʊə] [ˈfloʊɚ]

    Examples of flower in a Sentence

  • Examples of flower
    1. A. There are almost as many places as plants, but most rebloomers are not cut back flower by flower.
    2. a noise rose on the air;   odour rises from the flower
    3. Great belts of blue gentian hang like a zone on the mountain slopes; masses of yellow globe-flower star the upland pastures; nodding heads of soldanella lurk low among the rugged boulders by the glacier's side.
    4. The flower of chivalry and squiry. — Ld. Berbers.
    5. I plan to take math, physics, literature and flower arrangement this semester. ‎
    6. The apartment is in the Flowerbox Building, a new doorman condominium on East Seventh Street named after the built-in, self-watering flower boxes that stand in contrast to the street’s dingier tenement walkups.
    7. I weeded my flower bed.
    8. Shut out the flower-time, / Sunbeam and shower-time; / Make way for our time, / The winter-tide.
    9. Xeranthemums have silvery flower heads with purplish tubular flowers.
  • Examples of flowers
    1. I forgot to buy flowers for my wife at our 14th wedding anniversary.
    2. Flowers grew on the trees as summer approached.
    3. The flowers proliferated rapidly all spring.
    4. We had to rototill the garden before we planted the flowers.
    5. In Horai there is neither death nor pain; and there is no winter. The flowers in that place never fade, and the fruits never fail; and if man taste of those fruits even but once, he can never again feel thirst or hunger.
    6. However, the flowers of Petrocosmea are not only diandrous but also have a short corolla tube of only 3-6 mm as well as acaulescence.
    7. Smaller flowers such as chionodoxa are better under shrubs where they can create great pools of blue.
    8. We recorded plant associated ecto- and endophagous herbivores, their natural enemies and pollinators on and in each aboveground plant organ, i.e. flowers, fruits, leaves and stems.
  • Examples of flowered
    1. Great jazz quartets have often flowered when a bandleading pianist finds a soulmate on sax: Monk and Charlie Rouse, for instance, or Brubeck and Paul Desmond.
    2. We read Izaak Walton for his tone, for his perfect attunement to the quiet streams and flowered meadows and bosky hills of the Thames valley long ago.
    3. The aesthetic of the house is prim and country, with white beadboard knee walls around the first floor and pale flowered wallpaper in the Shaker-style kitchen.
  • Examples of flowering
    1. The versatile anther is an important step up in flowering plant evolution and it may be the most widespread of all simple anther types.
    2. To counter the heft of such big leaves, add dainty flowering plants like Yellow Waxbells (Kirengeshoma palmata) or the underused astrantia in red or maroon.
    3. You can also have a long bloom season by including fall-flowering plants like chrysanthemums, anemones, cimicifugas, fall-blooming crocuses and false crocuses (colchicums).
    4. It would be an injustice, however, to regard Pegasus as simply a late flowering of the Corinthian spirit, a throwback to an era of elite amateurism
    5. Dicotyledons and monocotyledons together make up the flowering plants, the angiosperms.
    6. The province abounds with vast forests of timber; the plains are covered with a surprising luxuriancy of vegetables, flowers, and flowering shrubs, diffusing the most delicious fragrance.
    7. Note - maid is often used in the common or species names of flowering plants.
    8. Millerandage is most commonly caused by cold or bad weather during the flowering stage of the vines. It impairs the quality of wine made from the grapes.
    9. Then there was no more cover, for they straggled out, not in ranks but clusters, from among orange trees and tall, flowering shrubs [ …] .
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