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EN[fiːt] [-iːt]

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  • Examples of foot
    1. It is well known that in classical times in Asia, measurements were made by original Stadia of six hundred feet (i.e., 400 sesquipedales cubits), whatever the foot might be, this representing 60 decempedal rods.
    2. In delivering it forehanded, the ball is dropped in front of the left foot, and is struck when about a foot or even less from the ground.
    3. I wouldn't set foot in that bar; the floor looks grody.
    4. The master bathroom includes a four-foot-deep, grottolike soaking tub, and, thanks to a large skylight, the marble-lined shower is clearly visible to anyone who might look down from the balcony of the guest room one floor above.
    5. The Black Cats had a mountain to climb after James Morrison's header and Shane Long's neat side-foot finish gave Albion a 2-0 lead five minutes in.
    6. ‘ “It would be most irregular Grandpa!” says Miss Cecily frowning and tapping her foot. “Well, we’re a pretty irregular family so that’s neither here nor there,” says the old man, impish like. [...] ’
    7. calf's-foot jelly
    8. The truth was, I had gone through a lot of men that year trying to stave off the loneliness of living in a windowless, kitchenless, 150-square-foot basement apartment [ … ]
  • Examples of feet
    1. Cross fix at 6000 feet, thence descend to 3000 feet and fly direct to MAP (missed approach point).
    2. The children were running around getting under everyone's feet.
    3. At 6 feet 5 inches and 180 pounds, wirily strong, Potter dressed in jeans and blue T-shirt emblazoned with a hawk.
    4. The six young women of its corps de ballet each extended a leg sideways, not high, but so zingingly as — you realized only in the next millisecond — to reveal the music, which only arrived in time with their feet.
    5. As well as I recollect, he was about six feet tall. ‎
    6. (Air Traffic Control): Speedbird 123, New York, traffic at two o’clock, seven miles, a Boeing 737, west-bound, at 4000 feet.”
    7. Well, Mimi, you're old enough that you should go to parties now, so this should be your last year to tickle feet^W^W trick-or-treat.
    8. An humble amplexation of those sacred feet. — Bishop Hall.
    9. Billy looked up at the face that went with the clogs. It was the face of a blond angel, of a fifteen-year-old boy. The boy was as beautiful as Eve. Billy was helped to his feet by the lovely boy, by the heavenly androgyne. ‎[1]
  • Examples of foots
    1. Dude, doing one foots is suicidal.
  • Examples of footed
    1. Of these, 600 species are mammalia, or sucklings, mostly four-footed [ … ] .
    2. Davies's cross was headed away from danger by Robert Huth, only for Baird to take the ball in his stride and rifle his right-footed effort towards the corner from the edge of the box.
    3. So-called “thundering herds” blanketed much of the Great Plains — rototilling, fertilizing, grazing builders that nurtured vast grasslands and gave home to everything from black-footed ferrets to burrowing owls.
    4. As Moldova understandably tired after a night of ball chasing, Everton left-back Baines scored his first international goal as his deflected free-kick totally wrong-footed Namasco.
    5. And with some United supporters actually pleading with referee Clattenburg to put them out of their misery, one more moment of brilliance from the magical Silva found Dzeko surging into the area to finish left-footed for his second.
    6. That was the hard work largely done as the Ivorian waited for Malouda to steam into the box before releasing a simple crossed pass which the Frenchman side-footed home with aplomb.
    7. But Torres's afternoon was to take a turn for the worse for a second week in succession as he was shown a straight red card by referee Mike Dean for a two-footed challenge on Gower.
    8. Smooth-footed, deft-handed waiters ministered to the table. Toast Melba, butter, an ice pail, all the adjuncts to a meal of quality.
    9. Large and square-headed, fatuously complacent, pot-bellied, spade-handed and dumpy-footed, for all the world presenting the appearance of animated jelly.
  • Examples of footing
    1. The blockwide birthday parties, neighborly fence-building and Friday chitchat sessions at dusk have become fragile antiques of the preforeclosure days as the new neighbors keep to themselves and the old-timers struggle to keep their footing.
    2. Yet these attempts to shift both footing and topic are overlapped, somewhat interjectively and thus in overriding fashion, as S begins (*3——>) with what is bearable as fake laughter.
    3. Terry lost his footing to allow Van Persie to race clear for Arsenal's fourth after 85 minutes before the Netherlands striker completed a second treble against Chelsea by hammering his third past Petr Cech deep into stoppage time.
    4. The zookeeps grunt and groan and struggle for their footing as they pass Ajax over the rail and carry him into the cage.
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