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EN[ɪnˈvaɪɹə(n)mɪnt] [ɪnˈvaɪɚ(n)mɪnt]

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  • Examples of environment
    1. an island of tranquility (a calm place surrounded by a noisy environment)
    2. No one is certain why lunglessness has evolved, but a popular theory suggests it does so in response to an extreme environment —— cold, swift-flowing streams.
    3. The loss forced him to resign from his post leading a new megaministry for the environment, transportation and energy in the government of Mr. Sarkozy, although he retains his job as mayor of Bordeaux.
    4. Mr Denis William O'MEARA Dalkeith WA 6009 For service to the environment through native plant propagation and revegetation programs, to the mining industry, and to the community of the Pilbara region.
  • Examples of environments
    1. Why add this extra layer of software? It sounds like someone is wanting to use their new BSO. (Bright Shiny Object) I wouldn't use it in my production environments.
    2. Endoliths have been found in a variety of environments, from the shallow surface to the deep terrestrial and ocean crust. ‎
    3. The dynamics of river systems in megafan environments may strongly influence the fragmentation and reconnection of riverine habitats, and therefore by implication, the diversification and distribution of freshwater organisms.
    4. The mesology of a child can be resumed in two living environments: the family and the school.
    5. That architecture won't scale to real-world environments.
    6. The life span of this species is a minimum of 7 years [20 ] and it is capable of adapting to eurythermic and euryhaline environments [21 ].
    7. Under conditions of incomplete burning, and/or in dry or waterlogged environments in which microorganic activity is weak, wood can keep its anatomical structure [11 ,12 ].
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