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    1. The association of duodenal atresia with malrotation is well documented in the literature.[ 7 ] In type 1 atresias (duodenal web), either duodenotomy with excision of the web or duodenoduodenostomy may be done.
    2. This paper reports 67 cases of enterorrhexis caused by closed abdominal injury, in which 11 cases are of duodenal rupture (16.42%), 48 of jejuno-ileuc rupture (71. 64%) and 8 of colonic rupture (11.94%).
    3. These include hemolysis of peripheral erythrocytes, iron deficiency through inefficient duodenal iron absorption leading to inhibition of heme synthesis, and renal anemia characterized by hypoproduction of erythropoietin.
    4. Malabsorptive operations, such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and the duodenal switch, can lead to hyperoxaluria, oxalate lithiasis and renal oxalosis which can in turn cause renal damage.
    5. Recently, Hollon et al. investigated the intestinal permeability in human duodenal biopsies mounted in microsnapwells and luminally incubated with either gliadin or media alone.
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