Examples of daunts in a Sentence

  • Examples of daunt
    1. 1890 These duties involved prodigious physical and mental exertion, in a climate deadly to Europeans. They also involved much voyaging in waters haunted by filibusters and buccaneers. But nothing appears to daunt Labat. As for the filibusters, he becomes their comrade and personal friend; – he even becomes their chaplain, and does not scruple to make excursions with them. — Lafcadio Hearn, Two Years in the French West Indies.
  • Examples of daunted
    1. Then all the enemies drew back daunted, except for the fellest of the warriors, who stepped forward to accept the challenge.
  • Examples of daunting
    1. Writing a “Treehouse Of Horror” segment has to be both exhilarating and daunting. It’s exhilarating because it affords writers all the freedom in the world.
    2. Much of the postvote analysis has focused on the daunting domestic agenda.
    3. And it’s daunting because each segment has to tell a full, complete story in something like six minutes while doing justice to revered source material and including the non-stop laughs and genius gags that characterized The Simpsons in its god-like prime.
    4. Giving tofu taste and seitan sizzle is a daunting task, but this casual vegan cafe usually succeeds nicely with a flavorful series of mock meat dishes that have exotic inspirations and attractive presentations.

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