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  • Examples of dart
    1. The damsel broke his misintended dart. — Spenser.
    2. 1999, Golden Books, Scooby-Doo - [1] - "Jinkies, that's the man from the dart game!" Velma exclaimed.
    3. Six minutes later Cueto went over for his second try after the recalled Mike Tindall found him with a perfectly-timed pass, before Ashton went on another dart, this time down his opposite wing, only for his speculative pass inside to be ruled forward.
    4. The sun darts forth his beams.
    5. Or what ill eyes malignant glances dart? - Alexander Pope
    6. to infix a sting, spear, or dart
    7. The clowns would dart into the crowd and pull another unsuspecting victim into the mayhem of the ring
    8. 1959: So, boys, when those hot licks play over your balls and prick and dart up your ass like an invisible blue blow torch of orgones, in the words of T. J. Watson, Think. Stop panting and start palpating — William Burroughs, Naked Lunch
    9. to point a dart, a pencil, or (figuratively) a moral
    10. While thy unerring hand elanced [ …] a dart. — Prior.
  • Examples of darts
    1. Overworked and underpaid? Then quit your job and become a pro darts player. ‎
    2. Unflighted darts have a tendency to tumble.
    3. The menu darts among Latin American cuisines like arepas, empanadas (a duo) and [ … ] a gigantic Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken.
    4. The sun darts forth his beams.
    5. At last the Altitonant displaz me hiz mayn poour ; with blaz of burning darts, flying too and fro, learns of starz corruscant, streamz and hail of firie sparkes, lightninges of wildfier a-water and lond.
  • Examples of darted
    1. The car in front drifted wide on the bend, so I darted up the inside to take the lead. ‎
    2. A salamander darted out of an opening in the rocks.
    3. Judgelike thou sitt'st, to praise or to arraign / The flying skirmish of the darted cane.
    4. The flying man darted eastward.
    5. The deer darted from the thicket.
  • Examples of darting
    1. Lightning is a great flame, very bright, extending every way to a great distance, suddenly darting upwards, there ending, so that it is only momentaneous.
    2. “It’s probably the most difficult piece I’ve ever done,” he said before trying out several movements at a Wednesday evening concert, his fingers slinking from keyboard to keyboard and darting restlessly over the 729 stop-control tablets as phrase seamlessly followed phrase and crescendo climaxed and faded into descrescendo.
    3. But he makes all his calculations with the nicest precision, and goes darting in and out among a Broadway confusion of busy craft with the easy confidence of the educated hackman.
    4. She became known as the little girl who sat on the steps of the TB Block, darting inside whenever she saw authorities, then going back to await the return of her camp mother.

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