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    Examples of darned in a Sentence

  • Examples of darn
    1. I need to darn these socks again.
    2. Where in heaven's name are my darn shoes?
    3. 'I dunno what you mean,' says Jim. 'Yes, ye do, goll darn ye!' says Dick, 'yes, ye do.
    4. YKK zipper across the chest, shoulder to shoulder, is extremely easy to operate alone - no help necessary in a peemergency. (I've tried the neck entry/zipperless suits, and agree with the owners I've talked to about them: we can't get the darn things off.)
    5. Darn it, my keys fell through the gap and into the elevator shaft. ‎
    6. This is a darn sight better than what I'm used to at home!
    7. Those darn trick-or-treaters egged my car.
  • Examples of darned
    1. That was darned nice of him, wasn't it?
    2. He is do darned pig-headed.
    3. I said "Hello Papa," and he said, "Well, I'll be darned, I'm gonna get off of this piano and whoop yo' ass."
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