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  • Examples of dare
    1. On a dare, he kayaked the Harlem River in New York from Hell's Gate to Spyten Duyvil. ‎
    2. And don't you dare to lallygag about so that you don't get home till after dark, or I'll have every policeman in Parañaque out after you! Now, take care of yourselves, all of you.
    3. 2003, "Twist and Shout - Jun 2003 - Page 168" At least three per person, and don't you dare think about skipping the patatas bravas
    4. He would reveal, but dare not.-Sir, be comforted. (Fletcher, Pilgrim, I. 2.)
    5. How dare you, I protest! ‎
    6. Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? Why, if it doth, then none dare call it treason.
    7. "Sorry, that's the best whatchamahoozie we've ever seen, but since it's Not Invented Here, we don't dare use it."
  • Examples of dares
    1. Why, then, I see, ‘tis time to look about, / When every boy Alphonsus dares control.
    2. It is the cowish terror of his spirit, That dares not undertake - Shakespeare, King Lear, IV, ii
    3. If everyone dares to bungee jump, why can't you do the same? Are you kiasi or what?
    4. King Christ,this world is all aleak; / and lifepreservers there are none: / and waves which only He may walk / Who dares to call himself a man. - Jehova buried, Satan dead, E E Cummings - W [Viva], XXIX
    5. Who dares think one thing, and another tell, / My heart detests him as the gates of hell. — Pope.
    6. Its highest-concept blockbuster to date, Inside Out (Disney, U), dares to literalise this process, guiding viewers’ feelings by personifying them, placing them at the centre of a narrative they’d usually accompany.
  • Examples of dared
    1. I passed a night of unmingled wretchedness. In the morning I went to the court; my lips and throat were parched. I dared not ask the fatal question, but I was known, and the officer guessed the cause of my visit.
    2. His memoirs were his posthumous revenge on enemies he dared not take on alive.
    3. The crusty old professor was overlord of the history department, and few dared to cross his will.
    4. So-called pungwe sessions, the Shona word for all-night vigils, have become common in areas where people once loyal to President Mugabe dared vote against him in the first round of voting on March 29.
    5. The history of wikied novels isn't pretty (Penguin Books never published the gobbledygook that was "A Million Penguins"), and no one has dared wiki a jazz song.
    6. He dared not go against the King.
  • Examples of durst
    1. How durst he, I say, oppose thy curship! — Hudibras.
    2. Which of the Greeklings durst ever give precepts to Demosthenes!
    3. He blushed to see another Sun below, Ne durst again his fiery face outshow. ― Milton.
    4. Four and Twenty tailors went to kill a snail; the best man among them durst not touch her tail...
  • Examples of daring
    1. He felt, for a moment, as the daring archimage whose spells, too potent for their master's safety, have evoked and unchained a spirit that defies their guidance.
    2. This Destruction of the Tea is so bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important Consequences, and so lasting, that I cant but consider it as an Epocha in History.
    3. About the tenth of July in the same Summer a pair of sparrow-hawks bred in an old crow's nest on a low beech in the same hanger; and as their brood, which was numerous, began to grow up, became so daring and ravenous, that they were a terror to all the dames in the village that had chickens or ducklings under their care.
    4. This hand was ready to give the works to any physician, a member of the Medical Association in good standing, who'd go off the reservation by daring to serve a medical co-operative on a full-time salary.
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