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  • Examples of correctly
    1. The problem is that they didn't allow for the extra centimetre of overlap. So it didn't fit correctly.
    2. Don't mess with the controls. I just got everything adjusted correctly. ‎
    3. He documents everything he does, He can always prove it was done correctly.
    4. During the transport, the fused mCherry fluorochrome is probably not functional and became first correctly folded and visible in the extracytoplasmatic space (cicrumplasm).
    5. It comes as no surprise that all 58 larvae provided by the IEO and OCEANA-Marviva project were correctly identified, since their staff are leading experts in the field of ichthyoplanktology.
    6. By simple resubstitution of the training data, the RF model correctly classified 99% of the grid cells.
  • Examples of more correctly
    1. AEROFOIL. The name given to the lifting wing or, more correctly, to the shape of a streamwise section through such a wing.

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