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    1. The psilocybes, containing psilocybin and psilocin, are the friendlier magic mushrooms.
    2. A mixture containing 3a was applied to a semipreparative column (Supelcosil PLC-8, 250.0 x 21.2 mm).
    3. Haptor subtrapezoidal, with dorsal and ventral anteromedial lobes containing respective squamodiscs and lateral lobes having hook pairs 2–4, 6, 7.
    4. The parent flies were removed from the bottle post 72 h and the third instar transheterozygous larvae (mwh+/+flr 3 ) were collected in PBS containing 1% sucrose.
    5. He described it as a hypogeous ascomycete characterized by brownish ascoma with hairy unwarted peridium, homogeneously white gleba, and globose to subglobose stipitate asci containing smooth ovoid spores.
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