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    1. I think they would try to humanize the worst villains in history out of their fear that the audience might not like the central character.
    2. I spent the weekend pratting about with the central heating and got absolutely nowhere with it!
    3. This contractual approach reaccentuated the element of consent in monogamy, which had always been central to its prominence as a public institution.
    4. Tourian's poem exhibits a central strand of the Catholic tradition which has been suppressed in Armenian religious life but needs to be resurfaced.
    5. We have found that a patrolman in the central section of the city can switch on, and later switch off, 100 signs with ease.
    6. "But an uprising in the central provinces would tip the scales for us!" exclaimed Conan.
    7. The Deutsche-Disconto Bank announces that it is now fully ‘reprivatised.’ The D.D. Bank’s reprivatisation was in part financed by sale to the Reich of the former Disconto Bank’s central offices.
    8. And shook the central girders of the Bridge of Tay
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