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EN[bɹaʊn] [-aʊn]

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  • Examples of brown
    1. 1819: The tramp of horses was now heard, and the Lady Rowena appeared, surrounded by several riders, and a much stronger party of footmen, who joyfully shook their pikes and clashed their brown-bills for joy of her freedom. — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
    2. Slowly cooking the onions will cause caramelization which will bring out the sweetness and give them a brown color.
    3. Hae, man, there's a cawker to keep your heart warm; and set down that bottle," quoth I, wiping the saw-dust affn't with my hand, "to get a toast; I'se warrant it for Deacon Jaffrey's best brown stout."
    4. The cipollinis will brown quickly, so don't walk away while they're cooking.
    5. Its exterior is covered with clapboards stained dark brown.
    6. [ …] belts of thin white mist streaked the brown plough land in the hollow where Appleby could see the pale shine of a winding river. Across that in turn, meadow and coppice rolled away past the white walls of a village bowered in orchards, [ …]
    7. Doodles, therefore, wore a cut-away coat, a colored shirt with a fogle round his neck, old brown trousers that fitted very tightly round his legs, and was careful to take no gloves with him.
  • Examples of browns
    1. The browns and greens in this painting give it a nice woodsy feel.
    2. I’ve started appreciating the beauty of ungreyed hair – the reds or blondes, browns and blacks that you never thought twice about when you had it.
  • Examples of browned
    1. Bob was browned off when he was passed over for promotion.
    2. When that crust is nubbly and evenly browned, and the chicken meat is cooked through, the chicken is sublime.
    3. Let them cook, semicovered, for 5 minutes, then uncovered for a couple minutes more, until nicely browned.
    4. The pilot pulled up hard into a tight loop and browned out, losing sight of the target.
    5. At Quince in San Francisco, Michael Tusk, the chef, smokes fresh ricotta over fruitwood and spices until it’s lightly browned and crumbly.
  • Examples of browning
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