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EN[bɹaʊn] [-aʊn]

    Examples of brown in a Sentence

  • Examples of brown
    1. The charms of a blue-eyed chestnut-haired maiden in a turquoise muslin, with a brown boa, and a brown chip hat afroth with brown feathers, could not be gainsaid.
    2. In the case of "brown duck", "brown" is not an alienans adjective.
    3. A large percentage of all Late Horizon fragments at this site was overfired, to the point where many were vitrified, black to dark brown, and misshapen, some with blistered surfaces.
    4. Then the brown-haired detective charged around the corner firing both-handed, skimming two off Stephen's vest, while Stephen himself danced one round off the detective's and they fell backward simultaneously.
    5. The browns and greens in this painting give it a nice woodsy feel.
    6. brown colour:    
    7. Fry the onions until they brown.
    8. Brown the onions in a large frying pan.
  • Examples of browns
    1. The browns and greens in this painting give it a nice woodsy feel.
    2. I’ve started appreciating the beauty of ungreyed hair – the reds or blondes, browns and blacks that you never thought twice about when you had it.
  • Examples of browned
    1. Bob was browned off when he was passed over for promotion.
    2. When that crust is nubbly and evenly browned, and the chicken meat is cooked through, the chicken is sublime.
    3. Let them cook, semicovered, for 5 minutes, then uncovered for a couple minutes more, until nicely browned.
    4. The pilot pulled up hard into a tight loop and browned out, losing sight of the target.
    5. At Quince in San Francisco, Michael Tusk, the chef, smokes fresh ricotta over fruitwood and spices until it’s lightly browned and crumbly.
  • Examples of browning
    1. In the browning corn fields here, the light breeze makes a tindery noise as it rustles the dry stalks.
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