EN[bɔədə] [bɔːdə] [bɔɹdəɹ] [-ɔː(ɹ)də(ɹ)]

    Examples of border in a Sentence

  • Examples of border
    1. Jean made an eight-hour trip across the border into Quebec just to satisfy his craving for poutine.
    2. The treaty proposed to redraw the border lines between the nations.
    3. The border between German- and French-speaking Switzerland is known as the Röstigraben because only the first traditionally serves Rösti for or with breakfast
    4. The outpost near the border was used as a staging area for the army's invasion.
    5. I went through a lengthy immigration process before I was allowed across the border.
    6. All those seedlings knitted into a kaleidoscopic border.
    7. The outlaws lit out for the border when the soldiers came.
    8. It took three years to relink the tracks on the west and east ends of the border.
    9. Egypt has slowly tried to resecure the border, refusing to allow the resupply of goods to the border towns of El Arish and Egyptian Rafah and taking steps to narrow the breaches.
  • Examples of borders
    1. "EU seeks e-trade without borders" - BBC News, 08/02/2007 [1]
    2. The electorate of Finchley borders on the electorate of Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh, splitting the new housing estate of Royal Cupolas.
    3. We have surveyor's stakes at all four corners of this field, to mark exactly its borders.
    4. The drainage, or flow of suds into road ditches or borders, or the drainage of water upon the road itself, as well as any pollution of the same by rubbish, stones, and sweepage from houses or stables, etc., is prohibited.
    5. His behaviour borders on insanity.
    6. Once a bustling thoroughfare, the section of Pennsylvania Avenue that borders the White House has been reconceived as a pedestrian strip paved in granite and protected by guard stations to keep people at a safe distance from the president.
  • Examples of bordered
    1. His tardy performance bordered on incompetence.
    2. Bordered by shops selling meat, fresh, smoked and pickled fish, this is a nosher's haven with many a schnell imbiss, or quick snack stand, for the hot liver pt, leberkse and morning weisswurst washed down with potent, lemon-sparked Munich weissbier.
    3. It was in the form of an equilateral triangle with the corners rounded and was made of blue cloisonné bordered in silver. — The Ruined Map translated by E. Dale Saunders in 1969 from the Japanese by Kobo Abé in 1967.
    4. The palate is characterized by a wide interpterygoid vacuity which is bordered by edentulous bones (Fig 4A ).
  • Examples of bordering
    1. France and Spain are bordering nations.
    2. Indeed, this reading is particularly inappropriate among these oralities and physicalities, bordering on cannibalism.
    3. A curious instance of perversion in religio-sexual feeling, bordering on zooerastia, is the case of St. Veronica.
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