EN[bɪˈtwiːn] [bəˈtwin]

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    1. The dividing-line between auratic and non-auratic art by no means coincides with that between authentic art and the administered, degraded art of the culture industry.
    2. The stope is kept full of broken ore, sufficient only being drawn to leave a working space between the floor of broken ore and the back of the stope.
    3. There's some back and forth between Simpson and his CIA counterparts and, in essence, the CIA says that you must ship all of the quantities requested.
    4. On the 30th, accompanied by Jerome Fay, I made another ascent to make some barometrical observations, the day intervening between the two ascents being devoted to establishing a camp on the extreme edge of the timberline.
    5. The border land between England and Scotland, being formerly a subject of contention, was called "batable ground".
    6. The beam has twenty feet of bearing between its supports.
    7. If she knew [a psychiatrist was] observing her son with a view to finding out if he was foggy between the ears, there would be umbrage on her part, or even dudgeon.
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