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    1. This is the only mention of swastikas, and it's as if Nersesian is making up the rules as he goes along — all too possible with a cipherlike narrator whose memory is shot.
    2. Close-ups of the faces in the painting, appearing on the side walls between Palladio’s great corniced windows, alternate with apparitional red diagrams of portions of the composition, seen as if from above.
    3. Do I look as if I were crow-trodden? — Beaumont and Fletcher.
    4. As if those organs had deceptious functions. — Shakespeare.
    5. Scotland needed a victory by eight points to have a realistic chance of progressing to the knock-out stages, and for long periods of a ferocious contest looked as if they might pull it off.
    6. They had flopsy hair, tucked their frayed tailored trousers into their boots, carried flasks in their moleskin blazers and never looked as if they were trying too hard.
    7. As if in the Parsee Ahab saw his forethrown shadow. — Herman Melville.
    8. She shops at discount department stores, but looks as if she patronized high-end boutiques.
    9. It seemed as if the sense of public resentment had long been gathering strength unperceived, and now burst forth into insuppressible violence.
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