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    1. His virtues active, chiefly, and homiletical, not those lazy, sullen ones of the cloister. — Atterbury.
    2. A survey has, unsurprisingly, shown that nonorgasmic women are less sexually active.
    3. These molecules are active not only against actively replicating bacteria, but also against bacteria that are nonreplicating by virtue of hypoxia (4).
    4. In a girl’s cells, you don’t see two pleasantly active X chromosomes behaving like two ordinary nonsex chromosomes.
    5. from 1945 through 1991;  the numbers 1 through 9;  your membership is active through March 15, 2013 ‎
    6. The gene was not transcribable, and therefore had no potential to be active.
    7. Bulky electron-withdrawing groups can cause the vinylogous portion of the vinylcarbenoid to become the active electrophilic site, but usually the use of nonpolar solvents can minimize this type of reactivity.
    8. a nimble, active, or wealy man
    9. an allergenically active component
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