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    1. In the early 1980’s its use was abandoned, not because of lack of efficacy, but because it did not achieve consistent treponemicidal penicillin concentrations in the CSF.
    2. The pre-treatment of samples included suspension in sodium hexametaphosphate (5 g/L) for 12 hours and 60 seconds of ultrasonification in the micro-granulometer to achieve optimal dispersion.
    3. FS, which permits the muscles surrounding the hip to perform like a lengthened muscle and thereby reducing the force required to achieve concentric reduction, helps to ensure reduced pressure on the femoral head, which may otherwise result in avascular necrosis (AVN) of femoral head. The use of FS has been shown to decrease complication such as redislocation and AVN.
  • Examples of achieves
    1. On “Train” it displays heavy-metal flair, and the singer Brad Arnold achieves a blueslike informality that bespeaks his Mississippi roots.
    2. The filter achieves this two-qubit filtering effect by using two ancilla photons as probes that detect whether or not the two input photons are in the desired states.
    3. The visual moment whose consequences Freud began to ponder in the essay on the phallic stage has evolved into a peripeteia: "Some day or other it happens that the child whose own penis is such a proud possession obtains a sight of the genital parts of a little girl; he must then become convinced of the absence of a penis in a creature so like himeself. With this, however, the loss of his own penis becomes imaginable, and the threat of castration achieves its delayed effect."
    4. They all perform well in terms of segmentation accuracy, but vary in regard to the other desiderata: GBH captures object boundaries best; SWA has the best potential for region compression; and TSP achieves the best undersegmentation error.
  • Examples of achieved
    1. Currently, superconductivity can only be achieved at extremely low temperatures.
    2. With benzo-Smith’s diene 152 as a substrate, reaction was achieved at the cyclobutene-1,2-diester π-bond to form a triazoline adduct 153, which was transformed to the aziridine 154 by UV irradiation.
    3. Show all the spoils by valiant kings achieved.
    4. THE PRODIGY (Thursday) This British electronic trio — beloved for its skronking, industrial sound — achieved a burst of mainstream notoriety in 1997 when it released the caustic (and controversial) single “Smack My Bitch Up.”
    5. The final disentanglement of sister chromatids can only be achieved by cleavage of the "gordian knot" by separin.
    6. In the Larghetto slow movement Mr. Tetzlaff played the wistful melodic phrases with arching lyricism and radiantly penetrating pianissimos, while in the orchestra Mr. Levine achieved an uncanny balance between timelessness and subdued intensity.
    7. The treatment of pulpal necrosis of an immature tooth with an open apex has been traditionally achieved using either long term calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH) 2 ] apexification procedures, or more recently the MTA apical barrier technique [ 1 , 2 ].
    8. In this study, we successfully achieved indigo production from indole by AS and bioaugmented AS, and the associated microbial communities were revealed by Illumina MiSeq sequencing technology.
    9. I wonder now if I've under-achieved because of this attitude. I didn't write, paint etc. because it was expected that I would. So I bloodymindedly wanted to do something else.
    10. Still they keep coming, perhaps spurred on by the celebrity status that chefdom has achieved in the past decade.
  • Examples of achieving
    1. Achieving the summit in a single day is, well, nigh impossible. ‎
    2. But in an age of starchitecture, Erickson's refusal to adopt a signature look kept him from achieving the kind of recognition he deserved.
    3. In an article published in 2008 [Gérard] Mourou proposed an alternative means of achieving atomic fusion. He now believes that fibre lasers could be used to transmute elements, as a way of disposing of highly radioactive waste from nuclear power stations.
    4. The VIF represents vascular gadopentetate concentration measured in units of signal intensity change from baseline as a function of time, i.e., ΔSI(t) = SI(t)–SI(baseline), where SI(baseline) was obtained by averaging the signal intensity from frames 5–10, after achieving steady state but prior to contrast agent administration [22 ].

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