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    1. Hot acid etching has been attempted to achieve microinterlocking and improve the bond between resin and Y-TZP. This includes etching with HCl/Fe 2 Cl 3 solution at 100°C, HF acid at 100°C, and nitric acid or sulfuric acid [8 ].
    2. In decentralized supervisory control, several local control agents (supervisors) cooperate to achieve a common goal expressed by a safety specification and/or nonblockingness.
    3. Therefore, in recent years, researchers [24 ,25 ,26 ] have attempted to achieve fast cultivation of biocrusts to restore functions in the ecosystem.
    4. [ 4 ] also point out that, to achieve maximal functional performance, rehabilitation should focus on reducing pain, increasing range of motion, and strengthening the hip muscles, for example, the gluteals and quadriceps and the hamstring muscles.
    5. In the early 1980’s its use was abandoned, not because of lack of efficacy, but because it did not achieve consistent treponemicidal penicillin concentrations in the CSF.
    6. The pre-treatment of samples included suspension in sodium hexametaphosphate (5 g/L) for 12 hours and 60 seconds of ultrasonification in the micro-granulometer to achieve optimal dispersion.
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    1. On “Train” it displays heavy-metal flair, and the singer Brad Arnold achieves a blueslike informality that bespeaks his Mississippi roots.
    2. The filter achieves this two-qubit filtering effect by using two ancilla photons as probes that detect whether or not the two input photons are in the desired states.
    3. The visual moment whose consequences Freud began to ponder in the essay on the phallic stage has evolved into a peripeteia: "Some day or other it happens that the child whose own penis is such a proud possession obtains a sight of the genital parts of a little girl; he must then become convinced of the absence of a penis in a creature so like himeself. With this, however, the loss of his own penis becomes imaginable, and the threat of castration achieves its delayed effect."
    4. They all perform well in terms of segmentation accuracy, but vary in regard to the other desiderata: GBH captures object boundaries best; SWA has the best potential for region compression; and TSP achieves the best undersegmentation error.
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    1. He had achieved many enviable dramatic successes before this time. — My Miscellanies by Wilkie Collins
    2. We demonstrate that in the chick head, integration between the epibranchial placodes and the hindbrain is achieved as the neuroglial hindbrain crest cells guide the epibranchial neuronal cells inward to establish their central connections.
    3. Bradford may have lost on the night but they stubbornly protected a 3-1 first-leg advantage to emulate a feat last achieved by Rochdale in 1962.
    4. The halt itself never achieved much importance, even with workers coming to and from the adjacent works. ‎
    5. A second rater scored a subsample of copies ( n = 36 copies of both hands) and achieved high interrater reliability on the 2D and 4D measurements as well as the 2D:4D ratio with the initial rater (all intraclass r s > .97).
    6. After World War One it was hoped that a lasting peace had been achieved. It hadn't.
    7. You have achieved a new low in behavior, Frank.
    8. She achieved the movement by propelling herself through a series of balances, her arms and legs moving slowly and continuously, almost machinelike.
    9. While the moderates usually propose political compromise, it's often only achieved when the extremists allow them so
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    1. Achieving the summit in a single day is, well, nigh impossible. ‎
    2. But in an age of starchitecture, Erickson's refusal to adopt a signature look kept him from achieving the kind of recognition he deserved.
    3. In an article published in 2008 [Gérard] Mourou proposed an alternative means of achieving atomic fusion. He now believes that fibre lasers could be used to transmute elements, as a way of disposing of highly radioactive waste from nuclear power stations.
    4. The VIF represents vascular gadopentetate concentration measured in units of signal intensity change from baseline as a function of time, i.e., ΔSI(t) = SI(t)–SI(baseline), where SI(baseline) was obtained by averaging the signal intensity from frames 5–10, after achieving steady state but prior to contrast agent administration [22 ].

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