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    Examples of about in a Sentence

  • Examples of about
    1. He was on Oprah recently to talk about his new book.
    2. Pappy told me about his life.
    3. Don't even think about the odds that Bobby Schmautz of Vancouver Canucks would score the winning goal or that Greg Polis of Pittsburgh Penguins would win the car.
    4. Despite intensifying speculation about his future, Mr Costello has not announced if he will recontest Higgins.
    5. 'What about reactivating these collectors' guns of yours: know anyone who'd be able to do that?' 'Not a scooby, m'lud.
    6. In Scopie there are three Bulgarian schools; the two have about 60 scholars each, and the third, the largest of the three, has more than 100 scholars.
    7. I lived in Socal for about 10 years.
    8. (insert rant about how data protection is srs bsns and how Europe is trying to do the right thing and how the US is doing the wrong thing.)
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