United States

EN[juːˌnaɪtɪd ˈsteɪts] [jʊˌnaɪtɪd ˈsteɪts] [juˌnaɪtɪd ˈsteɪts] [juˌnaɪ̯ɾɪ̈d ˈsteɪ̯ts] [jɪ̈ˌnaɪ̯ɾɪ̈d ˈsteɪ̯ts]

    Examples of United States in a Sentence

  • Examples of the United States
    1. Empire of the Sun was an enormous literary and commercial success in Britain but pretty much bit the Big One on its own in the United States.
    2. President Bush laid out the scenario we face if the United States decides to cut and run.
    3. I don't know who the twenty-first president of the United States was, but it should be very easy to find out.
    4. But used starters and alternators are still remanufactured in the United States, reusing the costly copper wiring in each device and selling them in the $1.5 billion market for replacement starters and alternators.
    5. He imports Cuban cigars to the United States, which is illegal but profitable.
    6. All the best hydrographers, both of this country and of the United States, agree in the conclusion that the Florida Current dies out in the mid-Atlantic, losing all the attributes by which it had been previously distinguished— [ …]
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