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    1. Fond of gauze and French frippery. — Oliver Goldsmith.
    2. More handsome than most of his pop-star subjects, the Cambridge-educated Whitehead squired plenty of groovy glamazons: Nico, Nathalie Delon, Niki de Saint Phalle and Dido Goldsmith.
    3. Goldsmith described this threat as “the judicialization of international politics.”
    4. Goldsmith.
    5. I’m not to leave this pleace. — Oliver Goldsmith
    6. Simplexity, according to Goldsmith, is defined as "synonymous with disorder, or structural simplicity or high entropy.
    7. Beplastered with rouge. - Goldsmith
    8. The flattery of his friends began to dwindle into simple approbation. (Goldsmith, Vicar, III)
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