EN[əˈmɛɹɪkə] [-ɛɹɪkə]

    Examples of America in a Sentence

  • Examples of America
    1. Last spring, the periodical cicadas emerged across eastern North America. Their vast numbers and short above-ground life spans inspired awe and irritation in humans—and made for good meals for birds and small mammals.
    2. The antiamnesty fringe will be pleased with itself, but it won’t be an America the rest of us will want to brag about.
    3. Lichtman’s thesis is embedded in his title: American conservatism should be seen as an ideology devoted above all to advancing “an antipluralistic ideal of America as a unified, white Protestant nation.”
    4. They danced on silently, softly. Their feet played tricks to the beat of the tireless measure, that exquisitely asinine blare which is England's punishment for having lost America.
    5. Polls invariably indicate that most of America's 53 million Catholics are not authenticists.
    6. Collectively they conjure up a crazed version of autodestructive white America at its most solipsistic, hankering after its own lost origins.
    7. the browning of America
  • Examples of Americas
    1. The virgin lands of the Americas were awaiting the Europeans.
    2. Its cogenerator at One Bryant Park, a glassy 54-story skyscraper rising at the corner of 42nd Street and the Avenue of the Americas, is scheduled to come online this summer.
    3. Forest mensuration, in many respects the most important branch of forestry, was nicely defined by Professor Henry S. Graves (1906) in the first complete volume on forest mensuration to appear in the Americas.
    4. Many cities across the Americas grew from Spanish missions. ‎
    5. It is endemic to the Americas (from southern USA to northern Argentina in South America) and in humans causes abdominal or intestinal angiostrongyliasis, which mimics appendicitis with eosinophilia [5 ,6 ].
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