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  • NounBFwomanPLwomen
    1. (nonstandard, proscribed) plural of woman.
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        • I do not wish any mass at all, but honest men only, lovely, sweet, accomplished women only, and no shovel-handed, narrow-brained, gin-drinking million stockingers or lazzaroni at all.
        • Most all-female units are halfway houses, where women are sent posthospitalization.
        • She can look a man on or look him off, either way. I wouldn't have thought any woman could look him off, I'd think she'd need a hatpin or a red-hot poker
      2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
        • Women spend longer than men at freshening up before going out.
      3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • While raloxifene and tamoxifen have no estrogen agonist effect on the vagina, lasofoxifene and ospemifene show a positive impact on vaginal tissue in postmenopausal women.
        • Although neogenetic islets are reduced with aging 9 , islet neogenesis is commonly encountered in obese persons, patients with gastroenterectomy and pregnant women.
        • Hence, it can be seen as a robust finding that men overally choose their suicide method differently than women.
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