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  • VerbBFwomanSGwomansPT, PPwomanedSUF-ing
    1. present participle of woman.
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        • Most all-female units are halfway houses, where women are sent posthospitalization.
        • The first woman to run for president in this country, Victoria Woodhull, almost got castrated for her uppityness.
        • RPL women had normal menstrual cycles, no uterine anomalies (by hysterosalpingography, hydrosonography or hysteroscopy) and no antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).
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        • Women spend longer than men at freshening up before going out.
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        • A negative correlation was observed between BMI and the dihydrodaidzein (DHD) production in men, and between BMI and the equol production in women.
        • He got lucky in the past week with two different women.
        • Although neogenetic islets are reduced with aging 9 , islet neogenesis is commonly encountered in obese persons, patients with gastroenterectomy and pregnant women.
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