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  • VerbBFwomanSGwomansPRwomaning
    1. simple past tense and past participle of woman.
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        • But in our study, there were mainly young, active, and literate pauciparous women who participated in the screening program.
        • “He’ll jump my bones in bed,” one fat woman explained to us about her current lover, “but he won’t take me out in public. At least the sex is great!”
        • I stand by my original post any woman who's fool enough to buy into staying home cleaning, cooking and caring for kidddies[sic] while the bedicked one escapes to his job is crazy !!!
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        • Women spend longer than men at freshening up before going out.
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        • A negative correlation was observed between BMI and the dihydrodaidzein (DHD) production in men, and between BMI and the equol production in women.
        • While raloxifene and tamoxifen have no estrogen agonist effect on the vagina, lasofoxifene and ospemifene show a positive impact on vaginal tissue in postmenopausal women.
        • He ached for her as he'd never ached for any woman.
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