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  • AdverbPREwith-
    1. Used as a mild apology for following remark, which could otherwise be taken as disrespectful.
      1. With respect, boss, I don't think it is possible to get it done by then, no matter how hard we work.
  • More Examples
    1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
      • To calculate acceleration, you need to differentiate velocity with respect to time. ‎
      • In addition to the conserved split point between dhc1 and dhc2, their organization within agaricomycete genomes with respect to the linked matA locus seems conserved.
      • In this paper we consider nonmeasurablity with respect to sigma-ideals defined be trees.
    2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
      • With respect to the cytotoxic effects, compounds 2–7 fall into two groups: the alkyl esters ( 2, 3 ) and the mofetil ester 4 on one hand, and the basic heterocyclic esters 5–7 on the other hand.
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        Grammatically, this idiom "with respect" is a phrase, more specifically, a prepositional phrase. It's also an adverb, more specifically, a sentence adverb. It's also a preposition, more specifically, a prepositional phrase.
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