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EN[wɛə(ɹ)ˈbaɪ] [-aɪ]

    Definition of whereby in English Dictionary

  • AdverbPREwhere-
    1. (interrogative) OBS By what, in which direction; how.
      1. Whereby goest thou?
    2. By which.
      1. (nonstandard) Where, wherein, in which.
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          • The next step was the invention of the self-tailing device, whereby the need for a tailer, holding the sheet or halyard while another person operated the winch, was eliminated.
          • The job specification leads to goalsetting, and goalsetting in its turn sets up the criteria whereby the teacher will be appraised.
      • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
        1. Adverbs
          • Pronominal adverbs
            • Uncomparable adverbs
            • Prepositions
              • Pronominal adverbs
              • Pronouns
                • Pronominal adverbs

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              Meaning of whereby for the defined word.

              Grammatically, this word "whereby" is an adverb, more specifically, a pronominal adverb and an uncomparable adverb. It's also a preposition, more specifically, a pronominal adverb. It's also a pronoun, more specifically, a pronominal adverb.
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