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  • NounBFvariable
    1. plural of variable.
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        • Eight animals (8/18) had variable amounts of subcutaneous edema, and 2/18 had serosanguineous peritoneal effusion.
        • Functions should use matching variable names for tramp data to improve readability.
        • We can then test the correlation between this residualised variable and the languageā€™s FTR typology.
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        • Variable costs may actually vary with the number of shifts, the number of set-ups, or many other specific activities.
        • Variable costs of nuclear-generated electricity seem low.
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        • There were no differences in terms of proportion of participants in polygyneous relationships, intergenerational partnerships, number of children or other sociodemographic variables.
        • The problem is easier to understand if you disassociate the variables.
        • As a consequence, our final models did not include any autocorrelating variables.
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