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  • In spoken language analysis an utterance is a smallest unit of speech. It is a continuous piece of speech beginning and ending with a clear pause. In the case of oral languages, it is generally but not always bounded by silence.

    Definition of utterance in English Dictionary

  • NounPLutterancesSUF-ance
    1. An act of uttering.
      1. Something spoken.
        1. “[…] They talk of you as if you were Croesus—and I expect the beggars sponge on you unconscionably.” And Vickers launched forth into a tirade very different from his platform utterances. He spoke with extreme contempt of the dense stupidity exhibited on all occasions by the working classes.
      2. The ability to speak.
        1. Manner of speaking.
          1. OBS Sale by offering to the public.
            1. OBS Putting in circulation.
              1. the utterance of false coin, or of forged notes ‎
            2. (now literary) The utmost extremity (of a fight etc.).
            • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
              1. Morphemes
                • Suffixes
                  • Words by suffix
                    • Words suffixed with -ance
                • Nouns
                  • Countable nouns
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                Grammatically, this word "utterance" is a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun.
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