• Treats is a 1975 play by Christopher Hampton about a love triangle.

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  • NounBFtreat
    1. plural of treat.
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        • BMSCs have been autologously transplanted to treat diabetes mellitus by successfully restoring injured organs; however, few studies have reported the use of BMSCs for bone repair in diabetes mellitus.
        • In our patients, 7 periprosthetic fractures were treated with locking compression plates, and all patients achieved union.
        • Compared with control animals, in rabbits treated with acetylsalicylic acid for 14 days small discontinuities were observed in glycocalix, and epithelium was disorganized and slightly vacuolized.
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        • Clearly the consequences of diagnostic overshadowing could be potentially fatal for some people with learning disabilities as their true unerlying health need will not be identified and treated.
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