EN[-ɑːnt] [trɑːnzˈplɑːnt] [trænzˈplɑːnt] [trænzˈplænt] [ˈtrɑːnzplɑːnt] [ˈtrænzplɑːnt] [ˈtrænzplænt]
  • Transplant or Transplantation may refer to:

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  • NounPLtransplantsPREtrans-SUF-ant
    1. An act of uprooting and moving (something).
      1. Anything that is transplanted.
        1. (medicine) An operation in which tissue or an organ is transplanted.
          1. (medicine) A transplanted organ or tissue.
            1. (US) Someone who is not native to their area of residence.
            2. VerbSGtransplantsPRtransplantingPT, PPtransplanted
              1. VT To uproot (a growing plant), and plant it in another place.
                1. VT To remove (something) and establish its residence in another place; to resettle or relocate.
                  1. VT (medicine) To transfer (tissue or an organ) from one body to another, or from one part of a body to another.
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                      • When transplanted in the liver parenchyma of partially hepatectomised mice, Liv2-sorted cells showed regional and heterogeneous engraftment in the injected lobe.
                      • A big concern with a nonpersonalized therapy is that the transplanted T cells will recognize the patient’s own cells as “foreign” and attack them.
                      • Bone marrow cells from mice transplanted 4 to 6 weeks before with human cord blood CD34 cells in panels a and b were retransplanted [ … ] into secondary 2 -microglobulin knockout NOD/SCID mice.
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