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EN[trəˈdɪʃəˌnəli] [trəˈdɪˌʃn̩li] [trɪˈdɪˌʃn̩li]

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  • AdverbCOMmore traditionallySUPmost traditionallySUF-ly
    1. In a traditional manner.
      1. From the beginning.
        1. The dirty secret of the internet is that all this distraction and interruption is immensely profitable. Web companies like to boast about [ …] and so on. But the real way to build a successful online business is to be better than your rivals at undermining people's control of their own attention. Partly, this is a result of how online advertising has traditionally worked: advertisers pay for clicks, and a click is a click, however it's obtained.
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        • First, it was traditionally subject to loose-handed regulation, which opened the possibility of returns above the cost of capital to offset.
        • Relations between the United States and Guatemala traditionally have been close, although at times strained by human rights and civil/military issues.
        • Eosinophils have long been traditionally thought to function solely as terminal effector cells in Th2 immune responses, including exerting helminthotoxic activity against parasites.
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        • Traditionally a village smithy was a busy place because the smith's work was so necessary.
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        Grammatically, this word "traditionally" is an adverb. It's also a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe.
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