EN[taɪt] [-aɪt]
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  • VerbSGtightsPRtightingPT, PPtighted
    1. OBS To tighten.
    2. AdjectiveCOMtighterCOMmore tightSUPtightestSUPmost tight
      1. Firmly held together; compact; not loose or open.
        1. tight cloth;  a tight knot ‎
        2. tight control on a situation ‎
        3. Make sure to pull the rope tight. ‎
        4. I grew up in a poor neighborhood; money was very tight, but we made do. ‎
        5. We've grown tighter over the years. ‎
        6. He's a bit tight with his money. ‎
      2. (of a space, design or arrangement) Narrow, such that it is difficult for something or someone to pass through it.
        1. The passageway was so tight we could barely get through. ‎
        2. They flew in a tight formation. ‎
        3. a tight coat;  My socks are too tight. ‎
        4. The mountain pass was made dangerous by its many tight corners. ‎
        5. He reported the hull was tight and secure and did not leak a drop.
      3. Well-rehearsed and accurate in execution.
        1. Their marching band is extremely tight. ‎
      4. SLA Intoxicated; drunk or acting like being drunk.
        1. We went drinking and got tight. ‎
      5. SLA Extraordinarily great or special.
        1. That is one tight bicycle! ‎
      6. SLA (British (regional)) Mean; unfair; unkind.
        1. OBS Not ragged; whole; neat; tidy.
          1. OBS Handy; adroit; brisk.
            1. (poker) Of a player, who plays very few hands.
              1. (poker) Using a strategy which involves playing very few hands.
              2. AdverbCOMtighterCOMmore tightSUPtightestSUPmost tight
                1. Firmly, so as not to come loose easily.
                  1. Make sure the lid is closed tight.
                2. Soundly.
                  1. Good night, sleep tight.
              3. More Examples
                1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                  • I'll be back in a few minutes, so sit tight while I go find her.
                  • "The company's proposal has placed Mr. Carey in a tight spot in the strike" - st/fullpage.html?res=9405E2D9173FF937A2575BC0A961958260 New York Times, 1997
                  • I'm in a tight squeeze right now when it comes to my free time.
                2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                  • I think I can thread my way through here, but it’s going to be tight.
                  • He lost his patience trying to undo his shoe-lace, but tugging it made the knot even tighter.
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