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EN[ðɛmˈsɛlvz] [ðəmˈsɛlvz]
  • Themselves is an underground hip hop duo based in Oakland, California. It consists of rapper Doseone and producer Jel. Dax Pierson, from the affiliated group Subtle, has played keyboards for the group. However, he is not considered an official member.
  • To date, Themselves has released three albums and two singles on Anticon, as well as being featured on multiple compilations.

    Definition of themselves in English Dictionary

  • PronounPREthe-
    1. The reflexive case of they, the third-person plural personal pronoun. The group of people, animals, or objects previously mentioned, as the object of a verb or following a preposition (also used for emphasis).
      1. ( reflexively ) : They’ve hurt themselves. ‎
      2. ( after a preposition ) : They fought among themselves. ‎
      3. ( for emphasis ) : They are going to try climbing Mount Everest themselves. ‎
    2. The reflexive case of they, the third-person singular personal pronoun. The single person previously mentioned, as the object of a verb or following a preposition (also used for emphasis).
      1. ( reflexively ) : Would whoever stole my phone please make themselves known. ‎
      2. ( after a preposition ) : They’ve brought this on themselves. ‎
      3. ( for emphasis ) : The child did this themselves. ‎
  • More Examples
    1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
      • In tasks probing the interruptibility of speech, speakers can interrupt themselves between movements associated with the same segment.
      • Ms. Colp-Haber said that companies that sublease space could protect themselves by negotiating the right to stay in the space with the building’s landlord if the sublandlord should default.
      • The 11 girls [ … ] are all trained dancers in real life who, for the purposes of "Billy Elliot," must untrain themselves for each performance and dance with two very left feet.
    2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
      • It is not uncommon on exam days for several students to malinger rather than prepare themselves.
      • The DIYers get together once a week to share tips on making things for themselves.
      • A friend of mine having occasion to show this section to a party of 4 bristlers, states that they withdrew a pace and seemed to be computing among themselves.
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    1. Nouns
      • Noun forms
        • Plurals
          • Plural pronouns
      • Pronouns
        • Plural pronouns
          • Third person pronouns

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        Grammatically, this word "themselves" is a noun, more specifically, a noun form. It's also a pronoun, more specifically, a plural pronoun and a third person pronoun.
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