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  • NounBFtemperature
    1. plural of temperature.
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        • The analysis shows the strengths of the associations of microinverter temperature with ambient temperature, PV module temperature, irradiance and AC power of the PV systems.
        • The maximum strain increases with increasing annealing temperature from 8% at 200°C to 25% at 550°C, as the microelectrodes transform to a bulklike ductility.
        • There is produced, however, at this temperature a cooked taste and the cream line is reduced to a greater extent than when the milk is heated and blown at 145° F.
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        • We provide examples, for a cold atom system, for which our thermometry protocol retains accuracy and precision at subnanokelvin temperatures.
        • Currently, superconductivity can only be achieved at extremely low temperatures.
        • There are liquidogenous and gasogenous molecules, which co-exist in proportions depending upon the temperature.
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